U 77

450,00 / 375,00 HT

Available on backorder

110 g de fixation avec stopper

Avec ses 110 grammes la U 77  devient la fixation low-tech avec stopper la plus légère au monde. Parfaite pour le plus haut niveau elle sera également le compagnon idéal pour toutes vos sorties. Elle répond à toutes les exigences de l’ISMF. Sans stopper la U77 pèse uniquement 77 grammes.

Quick step-in

 The new technology Quick step-in developed by Gignoux bring a huge comfort while using the U 77 and will allows you to gain some time while using it.



No classical spring on this bindings but a U shape titanium bar which will reduce the weight of the bindings. The simplicity of  the design will also reinforce the bindings strength.


The rear part of the U 77 can rotate in case of a important shock allowing the boot to goes free.
The value of the release as been determine after numerous field test in order to find the right balance between security and stability it is around 6 DIN.
The front part can be used in two position eather locked or unlocked thanks to the lever.


The hell piece of the U77 can also support a stopper, which is fully integrated. The real game changer is that to operate the stopper you do not need any other movement than the one to operate the heel piece! The full front and rear part of the U77 Stopper only weight 110g !

Voir la video 

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