Summer interview with Rémi Bonnet



Name : ​bonnet
Surname : ​Rémi
Date of birth :​ 03.03.1995
Where do you live :​ Crésuz, Suisse
Records : (principaux titres ski et autre) :
– Ski : few world champions titles Team world champion 2019
Second at PDG 2018
Few medals in World Cup.
– Trail : ZEgama winner 2018
Pikes peak marathon winner 2017

How went the containment for you?

We were lucky in Switzerland to be able to keep on practicing outdoor sports.
And I am lucky to live in a small mountain town so it didn’t changed much for me, appart from the lack of competition.

Did you keep on training during that time ?

 Yes but without goals, 100% pleasure.


AAs of now what are your projects for the summer (races, expeditions, holidays,…)?

 I took the opportunity to do some regional races and hope that the international ones will soon restart. I do not plan anything now as we to not know how this crises will evolve.


How’s your training routine?

I am training around 20hours per week a mixed of cycling and running during summer.
In winter I mostly train on the skis.


What are your ski-mountaineering projects for this winter?

This winter I’ll try to win the overall ranking for the Vertical World Cup and also be in great shape for the world championship.


Remi race

What are you best race memory in ski-mountaineering? If in team with who?

JI think my first two title as Junior world champion in Verbier in front of my family and friends. And also the PDG with Werner and Martin




SIf I ask you to show me one of your favorites mountain places, where do you take me? 

At Gastlosen without hesitation.



What are your other passion in life ? 

I love to fish and spend time within the mountain.


What’s your favorite meal? 

The Pizza!


The series you liked the most recently?  

The “Casa de papel”. 



You’re favorite song ? 

The offspring, you’re gonna go far


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