Race 400

The boots that will take you at the top of competition! 500g liner included in 26.

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Internal Lacing System

Stick really low on the shell it get around the feet in order to tight it well and maintain the heel at the bottom of the boots, allowing a great precision on downhill.

Carbon shell

Our boots are entirely handmade out of carbon. Our knowledge and the proprieties of carbon give the Race 400 exceptional performances, a great rigidity with minimal weight.

Ankle freedom

Other than its weight the real strength of the Race 400 is the freedom given to the ankle allowing huge movement.

Downhill Lock

The Downhill locking system is based on the use of a lever. You only need one swift movement to pass from uphill mode to downhill mode or the contrary.

Norme Inserts

Ces chaussures sont compatibles avec toutes les fixations low-tech notamment la fixation ultimate 3. Leurs encoches permettent de faciliter le chaussage.

Race Liner

This thermoformable liner as been designed exclusively for the Race 400. The bikini system allowing a gain of weight and more freedom at the ankle. The liner is included with the boots.

Race 400

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1250€ without VAT


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