Race Pro

Dedicated to competition, the Race Pro became, with its new tension system, the asset to climb onto the podium.
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Internal Lacing System

Stick really low on the shell it get around the feet in order tight it well and maintain the heel at the bottom of the boots, allowing a great precision on downhill.

Race Pro

Ankle freedom


The real strength of the Race Pro is not only its light weight but also the freedom given to the ankle.

Tension system and downhill lock

The new tension system of the Race Pro will completely revolution the way your feet are maintain on the boots during downhill. It is added to the downhill lock system, allowing to pass from up-hill to down-hill position with one quick movement.

When the liver is on down-hill position blocking the cuff the tension system is gonna tighten more the lacing system. At the opposite when passing to the up-hill mode the tension system will release a little the foot.

Bindings standards

Those boots are totally compatible with any kind of low-tech bindings. Their notch allowing a smoother step-in and the use of the Ultimate 3 Binding.

Bikini Liner

This thermoformable liner as been designed exclusively for the Race Pro. The bikini system allowing a gain of weight and more freedom at the ankle. The liner is included with the boots.

Race Pro

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