Skate Pro

The lightest cross-country boots ever, always more performant, a complete carbon structure, fully handmade in the Alpes.

Design to win

An entirely revised shape, fitting perfectly the foot, more comfortable and that will gave you total mastery over your ski.

Created for competition, this new shape will help you push your limits even further.


Handmade. In carbon.

Developed and handmade in the Alps, the Skate Pro is simply the best for competition. Proximity between our training field, and place of development and production gave us the possibility to create such a boot. It is entirely made of carbon, without comparison in term of lightness and technicality.

Norme NNN.

Compatible with bindings with the norms NNN®, Prolink® et Turnamic®, allowing a perfect sens of glide and touch of the snow.

Carbon cuff for a total control.

The lateral rigidity of the Skate Pro will give you a total mastery over your boots and through it your ski.

A lacing system around your feet

A lacing system which has proven itself on our ski mountaineering boots. Stick really low on the shell it wrap around the foot keeping the heel to the bottom of the shoe. It gives a a firm and precis hold of the foot in any situation. With its adaptability the ILS is a great asset and will gives you a lot of comfort.

Skate Pro Liner.

Made in France, this removable liner is thermoformable. It ensure comfort and warms within the boots. The tow box is wide in order for your toes to have enough space and does not feel cold. With the external membrane, the liner keeps the feet warm and dry, even during long tour and in humid condition.




350g in size 42, liner included


All the shell of the Skate Pro is in carbon


Compatible with all bindings NNN®, Prolink®, Turnamic®


Liner Palau® Skate Pro


39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46


Carbon Cuff Gignoux


ILS by Gignoux

Enter the family!

Skate Pro 950€ with taxes / 791,66€ without taxes Delivery within 15 to 20 working days.


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