Summer interview with François D’Haene


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Surname : D’HAENE Name : François Date of birth : 24/12/1985 Where do you leave : Arêches beaufort Records : – Ultra trail in summer and ski in winter ! – 11 successive participations in Pierra Menta to go from 90th place to the 6th ! – 3 times winner of UTMB / 4 winner “diagonale des fous”

How went the containment for you?

In peace with my family. At that point, everything seems great but the adaptation and reorganization of our agenda weren’t easy at the start. We had to organize ourselves in order to stay in shape, take care of the children and so that everyone has his share.

Did you keep on training during that time ?

Yes, I’ve tried to maintain a good basis but at the end of winter, I always take a short regenerative break, so we’ll just say that I’ve made this one bigger. It was also an opportunity not to waste energy outside but focus on the future and working on my projects.

As of now what are your projects for the summer (races, expeditions, holidays,…)?

Sadly summer will end soon but I’ve spent quite some time in the mountain doing different stuff than I’m used to as there were no races. I’ve done collectives projects, a lot of alpinism, discovered other activities such as paragliding, done some cycling… Quite a lot of new stuff that I hope will be of use to me in the future.

Francois marche avec caisse de vin

How’s your training routine?

There is no routine and that is what I like about it. That is also what didn’t suit me during the containment. I don’t like routine in my training. I like that every day and week are different… During my season there are pics of training and objectives and periods of rest… I also have 3 kids and the wine estate that really filled the agenda so with all this I try to do a training as diverse and motivating as possible… I do not have an X quantity per day or week, I work on opportunity and blocs of training BUT mostly on sensation and envy.

What are your ski-mountaineering projects for this winter?

I’d like to be able to mix ski projects and some beautiful competitions in the Alpes such as the Pierra Menta and one or two Italian classics. Last year I’ve been able to realize a beautiful project of crossing in the Tyrol at ski during 24h and I loved it… So I hope that I will be able to create a new one…

Francois D'haene ski on his back skim race

What is your best race memory in ski-mountaineering? If in a team with who?

Over 11 Pierra Menta with my brother-in-law Alexis TRAUB we have a huge and wonderful stock of souvenir. Our last edition with a 6th place and his will to stop his practice at a high level had a really particular feeling!



If I ask you to show me one of your favorites mountain places, where do you take me?

Easy, in the Beaufortain (in France)!



What are your other passions in life?

Kids, friends, and everything that goes around Ultra and adventuring in the mountain… All that with a glass of wine!


What’s your favorite meal?

I’m not peaky, but whats really make a great meal is mostly the company… a great mountain meal or nice barbecue… that the best!!


The series that you liked recently?

I do not watch TV or series…



Your favorite music?

I sometimes listen to radio but just a little… Mostly I prefer the sound of the Mountain.


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