Summer interview with Kilian Jornet


The I.D.

Name: Jornet Burgada
Surname: Kilian
Date of birth: 27/10/1987
Where do you live: Romsdal, Norway
– 8x Gold medal at World championship of ski mountaineering.
– 4x Winner at the Pierra Menta
– 1x Winner at the Mezzalama
– 4x Gold medal at world championship of Skyrunning
– 3x Winner of the UTMB
– 4x Winner of the Hardrock 100
– Project Summit of my life, ascension record: Mont-Blanc, Cervin, the Aconcagua, the Denali and the Everest.

How went the containment for you?

We were in Italie in order to participate to some competition when all started and so we went back home. In Norway the restrictions weren’t really hard, we could keep on practicing sport in exterior as long as we were alone and where we leave it’s really hard to come across someone. We did some home trainer but also running and skiing behind the house in none technical places in order to avoid any accident that would trigger the sanitary system. Going further from the individual side, this crisis, and the economical one that will come, I think that they will make us all think about the world we live in and if our way of life is sustainable; I hope that we will realize our fragility, especially for the next challenge ahead, the climate.

Did you keep on training during that time ?

Yes, the numerous cancelled competitions reduced the motivation at the beginning but after that moment it gave me time to focus on working my basics, which is quite good! Then we had a long winter where we were able to ski until end of Jun… and even more!

As of now what are your projects for the summer (races, expeditions, holidays,…)?

I should have gone on an expedition but it will be postponed for next year. This summer I hope to be able to do a lot of things close to home as all calendars and objectives were modify, and also try something on road just for trying.

Where were you going, what was your project?

I should have went to Himalaya, but as I wish to keep that project for next year I don’t want to speak about it 😉

How’s your training routine?

I’m training two times a day, one specific session (long, up,…) then a short session for recovery. In winter, race or alpinism, and in summer it depends on my objectives (it’s different if I want to get ready for an ultra-trail, a short race or an expedition in altitude)


What are your ski-mountaineering projects for this winter?

I’d like to do some mountaineering to get ready for expeditions, also I have a few projects of steep skiing and some beautiful races!



What are you best race memory in ski-mountaineering? If in team with who?

Probably my first victory in world cup, in Valerette for my forst season as a senior and the Pierra Menta same year with Florent Trouillet, it was really unexpected and surprising to struggle and sometimes win with the “grownup”




If I ask you to show me one of your favorites mountain places, where do you take me?

Probably in one of the places in Nepal that I like, possibilities are almost infinit there, but also in the Pyrénées, or the Capcir and Cerdagne. Or the south face of the Mont Black or the ridge of Valais, and of course where I leave Romsdal!


What are your other passion in life ?

I like reading, sport’s science and researche.



What’s your favorit meal?

I am not much of a foodie but I like Italian cooking, pasta, or pizzas…


The serie that you liked recently ?

I like the thinking behind Black Mirror or the documentary “ one strange rock”

Your favorite music?

It’s quite wide! From classic with Bach or punk with Tha Clash, Ska, and other authors like Pau Riba, Claudio Lolli, Antonia Font…


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