Frequently asked questions
Our ski boots
Race, Balck, or Mountain, which model to choose, for what practices?
You are hesitating between our different models, use our comparison sheet.
Are the boots compatible with all bindings with inserts?
Yes, our boots are compatible with all low-tech boots on the market. (Plum, Dynafit, Trab, ATK, etc…)
Is the fit the same for all the boots?
Yes, the fit is the same between all our ski mountaineering models.
Whats the weight difference between the models of boots?
In 26, the weight for Race and Race Pro model is 500gr, for the Black it is 600gr and the Mountain weight 750gr. All our weights are given for one boots liner included.
With which bindings are your cross-country skiing boots compatible?
Skate Pro boots are compatible with all NNN standards: Prolink, Turnamic. They are not compatible with SNS bindings.
Are the ski mountaineering compatible with crampons?
The boots are compatible with most of the crampons, such as Camp XLC 390 auto, Petzl Leopard. Be aware that they are not compatible with some Camp models (total race for example).
Is it possible to do custom made boots? Thermomouldable?
No, it is not possible to create custom made boots, however, the liners are thermomouldable to ensure a maximum of comfort and precision.
Our Bindings
Are the bindings usable with any ski?
Our bindings can be used on any skis of less than 88mm at the waist, they do not accept cramps.
What is the weight of each bindings?
The U 77 weight 77gr while the Ultimate 3 weight 62gr.
Is the release of the Gignoux's Bindings automatic?
Both our bindings Ultimate 3 and U77 have a lateral release as all other bindings do, however, this release is not adjustable.
Shipment and payment
What are the different payment options?
It is possible to pay online, by credit card, in 1 , or 3 times without fees for every order of more than 400€. It is also possible to pay using bank transfer, cash, or even check.
When is my payment due?
Payment has to be made when ordering. The boots will not be shipped if the payment isn’t received in full.
What is the time needed to receive my order?
Approximate delay and shipping time will be indicated on the product page.
Is it possible to be billed without VAT?
Each order with billing addresses out of the EU will be billed without VAT, also every company out of France with valid VAT number will be billed without VAT.
Return and Warranty
If my boots doesn't fit, can I send them back for another size or a refund?
As long as the boots do not have ANY sign of wear and have been received with less than 30 days you can send them here for a refund or an exchange of size.
In case of an exchange, we will do our best to send a new pair as soon as possible.
How can I send a pair of boots for repair?
Boots under warranty or not, in order to send them back to us please fill-up the form on this page and follow all the instructions.
Are the pieces of my boots replaceable?
All of the pieces of the boots are replaceable or repairable at the exception of the front insert.
How long is the warranty for my boots?
Your boots are under warranty for two years, with the exception of the liner, the sole, and the cover. We assure you that we do our very best to keep spare parts even for our oldest model.
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