Andrzej Bargiel: K2 The Impossible Descent

A bit more than two year ago Andrzej Bargiel was launching himself onto the crazy descent of K2 at ski. A first in the human history on this mountain that have such a killing reputation.

His exploit that not only limit at the ski descent, but also the way he realized it : alone, without oxygen, and with all is needed equipment on his bag pack.

We are really proud of this success as he did with our Black at his feet !

Andrzej was first a ski mountaineering racer and he knows how important each grams are, you will that all along his climbing and descent he uses extremely light material (poles, ropes,..)

This movie also shows the inside of the expedition and help to get a better understanding of the enormity of the exploit he realized.

Once again huge congrats to him! Movie of his adventure can be watch here freely.

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