Liner Mountain



This liner is suitable for Mountain boots, it has a flexible part in the middle to maintain better travel, and a reinforced tibial tongue for more comfort. Designed to be used with an inside sole, it is soled with a comfortable sole crafted in France.


Thermoformable :

All our liners are thermoformable, so they adapt to the shape of your feet and eliminate any minor aches and pains.

Tibial reinforcement :

The black liner has a PET reinforcement on the tibia to distribute tibial support on the tongue and improve comfort on descents.

Ergonomic sole :

The insole is made in France. Ergonomically designed to increase comfort in the boot. Also removable, it can be replaced by an orthopaedic insole (be careful of the thickness) or by a more technical insole.

Neoprene sheath :

A neoprene sleeve connects the lower part of the liner to the upper part, reducing friction when climbing.

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